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  • Maxwell "The Hammer" Huller

Give Your Home Some Appeal With Out Touching Your Wallet

Great first impressions are important when it comes to your home. Pulling up to a home with curb appeal just makes you feel good. This hammer is going to show you some quick fixes without dipping into your pocket. My mission here is to have your house feeling confident once again when those passersby are gazing at it!

Window cleaning anyone?

Nothing makes a home smile more than cleaning the windows. All it takes is a little elbow grease and a good cleaner. Doing this little trick opens the eyes of the home once again and brings more natural light back to the inside. Use a large sponge to soak the window and dry it with a squeegee or microfiber towel.

Hammer Tip Time: Pulled this one from old grandma Hammer’s tool belt. 1:1 water to vinegar in a bucket and bam you have yourself the perfect window cleaner! Need a little more punch for those pollen-crusted windows, just add a little environmentally friendly dish soap to the mix.

Utility meters in disguise!

This one seems small but will go a long way to gaining curb appeal! Grab some paint to match your house (preferably something you already have) and give that electric box and gas meter a little loving. Camo up those boxes so they do not catch the eye.

Give the greenspaces a spa day.

One of my biggest crushes is the green space. You give a little TLC to your lawn, and foliage every week, and your lawn and shrubs will make your house pop all season long! When you are out there for your green space spa day straightened those edges out. Crisp solid edges will have your lawn screaming perfection!

Get your hose under control!

No one ever considers this one, but controlling your hose is an easy way to clean it all up! Unruly hoses are unsightly little buggers.

Just some quick thoughts before the weekend to help you outside that won't break the wallet. I am just hammer that wants to help make your home a fantastic space. Come back often for more insider tips, ideas, and more!

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